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Become a Sustainer

Membership Campaign

Sustainer Promo Image

Promote the new Sustaining Circle identitity to inform viewers and provide a call to action to join or renew their membership.


Promotional videos were created in three categories: Informational, Testimonial, and Recaptures. Testimonials were primarily video-based, but the other two categories were animated spots. I was provided with scripts and audio tracks.

Sustainer Promo Key Frames

The informative spot provided an opportunity to visually solidify the concepts of the logo. It opens with voices stating benefits of being a Sustainer. I placed each quote inside a single dot, revealing each in sequence. As the voices state in succession, "I'm a Sustainer," the camera pulls out to follow a series of dots as they transform into the full Sustaining Circle logo.

This visual drives home the idea that each member is joining a community of people that, together, can make a major impact. Connecting that idea with the structure of the logo was important from my perspective. The beauty of motion design is that can illustrate that type of concept so effortlessly and effectively just by being in the background. It really demonstrates why video is so impactful in the marketing realm.

Recapture Spot Image

Three scripts were created for the Recapture spots, which reminded current members to update credit card information and highlighted the benefits of setting up a bank draft. I used some of the same elements from the informative spot, combining them with additional elements to fill out the script. I made sure everything followed the same design cues and built on the branding established in the previous pieces. I used a few stock illustrations to speed up the process, making modifications to bring them in line with the color scheme and styling. In the end, all of the elements look cohesive and consistent.