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NC Channel Reveal

Create a modern identity for the North Carolina Channel that will demonstrate brand longevity and resonate with a target audience primarily in the 25-50 age range.


The iconic mark is a stylization of the letters NC, creating a simple form that remains identifiable in small branding applications. The circular form is reminiscent of UNC-TV's hurricane mark, meant to symbolize analog television signals. This updated form continues the evolution of that technology, incorporating elements that echo the shape of the power button and the wifi symbol.

NC Channel Reveal

The North Carolina Channel dates back to 2003, at least in name. When UNC-TV implemented the transition from analog to digital signals, it launched four sub-channels: UNC-KD (Kids), UNC-ED (Education), UNC-NC (North Carolina), and UNC-HD (High Definition). UNC HD was only available from 8pm to 11pm, during which time UNC-ED and UNC-NC shut down due to bandwidth limitations.

In 2008, these subchannels got a makeover. UNC-HD shut down, as the flagship UNC-TV channel upgraded to high definition, UNC-ED became UNC-MX (Mix), and UNC-NC became UNC-EX (Explorer).

2016 ushered in new changes. UNC-KD became Rootle, and UNC-MX became the North Carolina Channel. The following year, UNC-EX would officially become The Explorer Channel.


The vision of the new North Carolina Channel was to showcase everything happening in the state, from political news and commentary to local artists and musicians. It would also focus on the rich history of the state, creating a platform to uplift the communities within it.

Programming included conversations on politics and economics, as well as significant coverage of live events, like inaugurations.The channel also experimented with less traditional scheduling, dropping strict half-hour blocks in order to showcase shortform documentaries and segments with a local flair. This helped extend the life of segments and shows like NC Beat, which I co-produced with friend and colleague, Will Mikes.