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Public Media North Carolina
PMNC Mission:

On air, online and in person, Public Media North Carolina connects North Carolinians with each other, the world and endless possibility by providing content and services that educate, engage and inspire audiences, communities and partners.


Three circles represent the three core actions of our mission statement. Their overlapping form demonstrates the strength of those collaborative efforts, blossoming into a collection of parts that are anchored by a communal center.

Font: Futura Standard

Futura coincides with the legacy UNC-TV logo, NC Channel logo, and Explorer Channel logo. This commonality fosters a feeling of connection between the brands and honors the history of the company. It is a large, diverse type family that provides a degree of flexibility without compromising the brand. It also eases the transition into a new branding, minimizing the need to update secondary brands like the Sustaining Circle.

Color Theory: Light Green

Green fosters the idea of growth, harmony and freshness. It has a strong emotional connection to safety and is often associated with renewable resources and responsible practices. It suggests stability and endurance. Olive green is the traditional color of peace and is thought to have a calming effect. As an added bonus, this particular green is already part of our website’s color palette.

Vertical Branding
Vertical Branding

The iconic mark of the logo can be utilized in the branding of content verticals, implemented with the addition of icons and secondary colors. The Trefoil element provides an easily recognizable visual, especially when utilizing a consistant transitional animation. This basic design can be used across video elements, like lower-thirds, opens, bumpers, and credits. It also easily translates to various branding spaces, like profile images for social media accounts and thumbnails for online video channels.

Overall, the design provides a practical update to the existing family of brands, maximizing the impact of what is already well-executed and pushing forward with the flexibility and functionality needed for the broad range of content created under its umbrella of services.