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Sustaining Circle Logo

UNC-TV's Sustaining Circle is comprised of members who donate on a monthly, ongoing basis. A small amount is debited from the designated account, and membership automatically renews each year. As more and more products and services are converting to this payment structure, UNC-TV joined the movement and focused on promoting this option for contributing members. The initiative needed an identity to shine a spotlight on this membership and highlight the fact that individual contributions have a high impact on the company's sustainability. While large donations are important, the majority of donations come from individuals and make up a significant portion of fundraising efforts.

Sustainer Magnet

The letters of the logo are surrounded by a series of dots, representing individual members or contributions, forming a larger circle. This shape demonstrates how memberships form something bigger, and the increasing scale of the dots reflects a wide range of contribution sizes as well as the sense of growth. The circle is incomplete to show there is always room for more members.

The base font is Futura Standard, to match the existing family of brands, and the teal was selected from the UNC-TV palette. The secondary color is yellow, chosen as a complementary color to teal and for its association with happiness and cheerfulness. Contributing to a cause fosters feelings of connection and fulfillment and the brand should reflect that positivity.

Sustainer T-Shirt

Once the logo and branding platform were established, a series of video promotions were written, recorded, and produced to encourage viewers to Become a Sustainer. The addition of motion design helped illustrate the base design concepts and solidify the message that every little bit helps make a big difference.

Sustaining Circle members receive a collection of branded welcome items, like magnets and shirts, to foster a sense of community and belonging.